Here’s An Additional Features For Your Home Security Alarm System

Home Security Alarm System Designed To Protect Your Home

The most basic home security alarm systems include a control panel, a siren, a keypad, access monitors and, in the case of monitored systems, an off-site control station. These basic features are adequate for simple home protection against burglars but some people may opt for more advanced home security alarm systems that incorporate more advanced […]

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About Self-defense sprays: “Should I Use Mace or Pepper Spray ?”

Mace Triple Action Spray

Pepper spray, a generic term for all self-defense sprays that contain oleoresin capsicum, a propellant, and a carrier. Oleoresin capsicum is the active ingredient in pepper spray, derived from cayenne peppers or other peppers. Its effects are physically incapacitating rather than painfully irritating; this makes it ideal for self-defense sprays that are intended for use […]

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